Updated: June 12, 2024
Name: Yumashev Yuriy Kirillovich
Date of Birth: February 18, 1956
Current status: suspect
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (1)


Case History

In May 2023, the FSB in Anadyr opened a criminal case for faith against Sergey Romanov, Aleksey Volkov, Yuriy Yumashev, and Aleksandr Loshkarev. They were accused of organizing the activities of an extremist organization. A month later, in the city of Zhirnovsk (Volgograd region), located 6,500 kilometers from Anadyr, the apartment where Romanov was at that time was searched. The man was sent to a temporary detention facility, then to a pre-trial detention center in Volgograd, and soon transported to a temporary detention facility in the city of Anadyr, from where he was later released on recognizance not to leave. There are at least two secret witnesses in the case, and the believers were covertly monitored for about two years.