Updated: July 19, 2024
Name: Filiznov Petr Vyacheslavovich
Date of Birth: October 13, 1965
Current status: convicted person
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (1)
Time spent in prison: 2 day in a temporary detention facility, 90 day in a pre-trial detention
Current restrictions: suspended sentence
Sentence: punishment in the form of 2 years 6 months of imprisonment, with restriction of liberty for 6 months, punishment in the form of imprisonment shall be considered conditional with a probationary period of 1 year


Petr Filiznov, a law-abiding Russian citizen, spent 93 days in a pre-trial detention center. He was detained after searches in Yaroslavl in April 2021. The believer was accused of organizing worship activities and promoting "forbidden doctrines", which in fact are not prohibited.

Petr was born in October 1965. He was the only child in the family. As a child, he led an active lifestyle, was engaged in sports sections. He liked botany. After school, Petr entered the Yaroslavl Automotive Technical School, and upon graduation he was drafted into the army. After military service, he got a job at a factory as a foreman, and later as a turner.

In 1988, Petr met his future wife, and the same year they got married. Svetlana worked at the Yaroslavl synthetic rubber plant, was fond of dancing, drawing, playing the guitar and writing poetry. After the birth of her children, she left her job to devote more time to her son Alexey and daughter Yuliya, who from an early age were brought up in accordance with biblical norms. Children are already adults, they have their own families.

For some time, Petr was an individual entrepreneur: he provided plumbing services, and was engaged in the installation of doors. Then he got a job in a management company and began to work in the field of maintaining cleanliness and order in the adjacent territory of apartment buildings. So he had more free time, and he was able to devote to his wife: together they do household chores, work in the country, make preparations for the winter. When Svetlana is caring for a sick mother, Petr takes full care of the household.

When Petr was detained and placed in a pre-trial detention center, his wife had to cope with numerous duties on her own. She shares: "I lacked a strong shoulder, a man who was always there and took responsibility in solving difficult family issues."

In July 2021, the court released Petr from custody, but the charges against the believer were not dropped. Relatives and friends of the believer call him a peaceful and kind person. At work, Petr is known as a conscientious worker — he received a lot of positive feedback from his superiors and tenants.

Case History

In April 2021, the investigation initiated a criminal case under an article for extremism against Andrey Vyushin, Petr Filiznov, as well as the couple Aleksandr and Mariya Kuznetsov. They were suspected of holding meetings for worship “including through the Internet, in which [they] promoted forbidden teachings”. The law enforcement officers conducted searches in Yaroslavl and neighboring Rybinsk, after which 4 believers were placed in a detention center. After 3 months, the court released them under a ban on certain actions. Vyushin was fitted with a tracking bracelet on his leg, and a control device was installed in his apartment, although his preventive measure did not prohibit him from leaving his home or being in certain places. In August 2022, the case went to court. After 11 months, the believers were sentenced: Andrey Vyushin and Petr Filiznov were given 6.5 years suspended and Aleksandr and Mariya Kuznetsov – 2.5 years.