Updated: June 20, 2024
Name: Arkhipov Aleksey Albertovich
Date of Birth: July 13, 1960
Current status: convicted person
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2)
Sentence: a fine of 380,000 rubles


In the city of Shuya, Ivanovo region, a criminal case was opened for faith against five civilians. What do we know about one of them, Alexei Arkhipov?

Alexey was born in Arkhangelsk in 1960 and has a younger sister. As a child, he was fond of skiing and photography, loved to make crafts from wood. In the late 1970s, he served in the army, and later settled in Murmansk.

Alexey worked all his life as a bus driver, for many years of conscientious work he was awarded various awards, including a ministerial diploma, and also received the title of veteran of labor. At work, he met his future wife Natalia, with whom he was in the same bus crew. The marriage was registered in 1984, and two children were raised together. Natalia spares no effort, maintaining comfort in the house, together with her husband receives guests whom he likes to treat with cakes of his own making. In addition to cooking, Alexey enjoys chatting with friends and traveling.

After retiring, Aleksey and his wife moved to Shuya to take care of Natalia's elderly parents. Together, the couple decided to get acquainted with the Bible, and they were struck by the wisdom of the Bible's teachings. They were also touched by love and mutual assistance among those who live by them.

The search and the criminal case against Aleksey came as a complete surprise to the spouses, bringing anxiety and pain to the life of this peaceful, hardworking family. Chronic diseases have worsened. Alexei cannot report what is happening to his relatives, as his mother, who lives in another city, has a heart condition.

The son and daughter, who do not share the beliefs of their parents, try to be a support for them in everything. They, as well as colleagues at work, are shocked by what is happening. The managers of the company where Alexei works say that Alexey's religion does not matter to them, because they see how well he treats people and does his job.

Case History

Wiretapping, the introduction of a provocateur, hidden video filming in the homes of believers — this began the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the city of Shuya in the spring of 2017. A year later, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under three extremist articles against peaceful believer Dmitry Mikhailov. In April and June 2018, the homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses were searched: believers were treated rudely, pressured, and even a 10-year-old girl was interrogated. After the searches, new defendants appeared in the case: Elena Mikhailova, Svetlana Ryzhkova, Svetlana Shishina and Alexey Arkhipov. Dmitry spent 6 months in a pre-trial detention center. In September 2019, the investigator handed over the case to the prosecutor, but a year later he returned it for further investigation. The criminal case went to court in July 2021, but the judge returned it to the prosecutor for revision. The retrial of the case in the same court began in May 2022.