Updated: May 24, 2024
Name: Anufriyev Nikolay Filippovich
Date of Birth: May 26, 1957
Current status: defendant
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (1)
Current restrictions: recognizance agreement


Nikolay Anufriyev is a simple tractor driver from Pechora (Komi Republic). He was born in May 1957 not far from this city, in the village of Akis. His parents were believers, and the family often talked about God. Nikolay has a brother and four sisters, he is the third child in the family.

Nikolay worked on the drilling rigs for many years, and now he is retired. He is fond of fishing, which is often combined with friendly conversation.

"I was very touched by Jehovah's justice," says Nikolay, recalling his path in faith. He was also impressed by the love and friendliness that reigns among Christians. In 2008, he firmly decided to devote his life to serving God.

Nikolay was widowed in 2019. His only daughter is adult and lives in St. Petersburg. Although she does not share the religious beliefs of her father, she sincerely worries about his criminal prosecution on false accusations. Nikolay seeks consolation in God and is happy that the repression has not yet affected his health.

Case History

In January 2020, security forces searched 12 houses in Pechora. Several people were detained. Among them are Gennadiy Polyakevich and Gennadiy Skutelets. On the same day, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case on extremism against Polyakevich and Skutelets. The court sent Polyakevich to a pre-trial detention center, where he spent 301 days, and placed Skutelets under house arrest for 364 days. In November 2020, another investigator of the Investigative Committee opened a new criminal case against Nikolay Anufriyev, Eduard Merinkov, Viktor Shchannikov, Aleksandr Vorontsov, and Aleksandr Prilepskiy. They were put on recognizance not to leave. The case went to court in May 2021, and eight months later it was returned to the prosecutor. In December 2022, at the age of 58, Aleksandr Prilepskiy died from the effects of COVID-19. In April 2023, the case went to court again.